Our area in this region - S. Central WI - has a lot of growth in trails and riders. We post trail conditions on the Home Page - madcitydirt.com site and do have signs that say stay off when wet. Unfortunately we are having far too many who are not respecting that. Please help spread the knowledge and educate new riders. We have to build this understanding and respect.

A lot of WI dirt can't handle traffic until dry. New trail (and we have a lot of it) needs time to get solid. Many features need to be dry to be durable. Some of the features many are loving required a skilled operator, $30,000 machine and several skilled hand finishers to work many hours for for something a rider does in a second or less. This needs appropriate respect and care.

We also have tremendous opportunities ahead. The big increase in riding opportunity and quality in the past few seasons is about 1/2 of what's in queue or being planned. We don't just need this respect for all the new stuff. We need far more riders who contribute.

It would not surprise me of other IMBA Chapter areas need the same help and understanding. I know many have the same sorts of opportunity ahead. Please help educate and grow the % of riders who are contributors. I guarantee the results will be be amazing.

Visit the CORP Home Page - madcitydirt.com site and what your local trail posse has.