Dear riders,

Thank you for visiting or considering our trails. We hope your visit was a good one and we hope you return. Please visit if you have not done so.

Please take the time to visit and enroll at our web site so you will be aware of all of the riding opportunities in the area and be aware of the ways riders can help each other and build community. Many national and regional sites do not accurately state the riding opportunities here and our site always lets you know what's at and up with the area trail networks.

We also ask that you consider giving whether here or where you live, and whether it's your time or your money. Public bike trails are made, maintained and supported by tiny percentage of the riding community so just a small amount of time or money given annually yields a big return. We publish our work days at the web site and we have a PayPal link to accept contributions. Please note where the PayPal link is designed to print your donation receipt for your tax records.

We stand out as one of the few areas in the region with public free ride terrain and significant amounts of expert riding terrain. Your support is also needed to keep that going.

Your help is needed more than ever now because of record rains and our need to build funds for matching grants and construction projects.

The PayPal link is on the main page of our site. The calendar link shows the upcoming IMBA trail care crew visit. If you select notify in the forum you will receive messages regarding trail networks or topics that interest you.

Thanks again, and have a safe trip to and from our trails.


Capital Off Road Pathfinders