• 04-20-2016
    Singletrack near Wisconsin Dells?
    Hi All,
    I'll be spending a week with the family at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Dells this July, and I'm really hoping to bring the bike(s) along, so hoping to find some decent singletrack nearby. Close proximity to the Dells is probably more important than the quality/technical nature of the trails, since I'll probably be riding with my young son and we also can't be gone for hours and hours driving to the best trails Wisconsin has to offer. I did a search, but could not find any recent threads, so any input will be appreciated.
  • 04-20-2016
    The trails at Cascade Mountain in Portage should be open by July. The big WORS race is there at the end of July.
  • 04-21-2016
    robc in wi
    Mirror Lake State Park is 10 minutes from the Dells, trails are not great and a little sandy but it's close to the Dells. Cascade mtn is not open to the public. Devils Head charges $7, is about 15 minutes from the Dells and is hilly and pretty technical.
  • 04-28-2016
    You will have to travel a little farther for the best in the area but I get that desire to ride.

    I was not aware the Cascade trails were open to the public. Associates who've ridden them said they're more for the race held there and no ski area trails around here are in same league as Blackhawk. Devils Head ski area is private fee area that's closer to where you're staying and has started running lifts. It would be sweet if all the private areas joined the general MTB community the way Blackhawk has!

    The www.madcitycirt.com page has trail conditions for the area, and giving a shout out there or watching for rides already announced will probably get you a tour.
  • 06-14-2016
    La Crosse, WI has some great human powered trails...some regard as the best in the state. However, it is 1.5 hours from the Dells...
  • 06-15-2016
    If you are willing to drive 1.5 hours I would suggest going to Levis Trow over LaCrosse HPT. Not saying HPT isn't worth the drive but far from the best in the state IMO.