Scared of the Dark?-
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    Scared of the Dark?

    Now that's it's dark outside at 4:30 I'm wondering what everyone is doing for night riding? Recently on a solo night ride last week I had a few scares from a deer, something unknown, and an almost crash. It's fun to kick mother nature in the face and say F it I'm going for a ride. But one of these days mother nature might decide to kick back.

    I'd like to hear how often everyone else is night riding during the winter months. Will you go solo? How far from civilization do you get? Do you take any extra precautions? Do you have a temperature limit?

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    As with most of my riding, I end up doing 95% of my night riding solo in the winter months.
    Extra precautions: I always ride with two lights. And for a backup I have a micro mag light in my pack at all times. And I have needed it. I got caught in the night fog at Greenbush two years ago about Thanksgiving. I think I did that new outer loop three times The new trails were rough cut but no markings. With the fog it was impossible to figure out directions. Once the lights went I thought I was hosed. Then I remembered the mini-mag. I managed to figure the way out and to ride out (slowly) with the light between my teeth. I thought I might be spending the night. I figure in Wisconsin that is about the worst that could happen. It is all part of the adventure of riding and being outdoors in the winter.
    As far as distance I ride pretty normal rides that I would ride any time of year.
    As far as temperature. My record is -7 degrees. But that was actually an early morning ride, not a night ride.
    The cold ride was not a snowbike trip either. Just a winter with little snow and riding trails at CamRock park. Actually that winter there was only one week I missed riding because of snow. The rest of he winter we got a lot of rain. And if it snowed it seemed to rain and melt it a few days later. I love riding frozen dirt trails. Though this winter I am looking forward to fat biking as well, so bring on the snow! I figure snowbiking at night has to be the ultimate in fun

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