Some members of the Fitchburg Parks Commission have halted the bike trails at Quarry Ridge Park.

John reports they are against any biking in the park and have directed the park management to designate any existing trails as hikers only. Fitchburg Parks staff remains interested in the bike trails. We need your help. Please mobilize and support bike trails in this park. There will be a parks commission meeting 8/4/05 @ 7PM, and we ask that you attend and express your support the trails. You may also want to show your interest in bike trails to the Fitchburg city government.

Meeting info:
Fitchburg City Halll
5520 Lacy Road
Fitchburg, WI 53711

The Parks, Recreation & Urban Forestry Department:

We need your help. Please help project leader John Marks and WORBA/CORP. You can reach John at [email protected] and use this general email address for CORP issues and communication.

Some of these trails were made by bikers and most all trails in this park are overgrown and not maintained. There is little evidence that park users walk or hike any more than a few trails around the pond.

The parks management would like us to create some graphics to better illustrate the concept. They also suggested that we take some digital photos of the areas and the overgrown trails to show the commission the lack of walkers. It was also suggested that we create or clean up walking trails to advance or cause. They are still pledging support for the addition of mountain biking trails at the park, but cautioned the issues of the walkers. The other major issue stated was that "the people of Fitchburg will not support a bunch guys from Madison using there park, when they don't pay Fitchburg taxes". So we will need support from the Fitchburg residents who are bikers.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and of course any help.

My appologies to those on multiple lists who may get this message more than once.