I rode Blue Hills on Friday, starting at the Culver's on 33 and working my way up to the park from there. Every time I'm away from those trails for a few weeks I tend to forget how punishing they can be, with all the short (and some long), steep climbs. There's no such thing as a gradual hill in Blue Hills! (It didn't help that it was 65% humidity, and that I had done a 30 mile ride on the road bike in the morning, either).

All the rain has really made the underbrush at the park spring up, especially where the trees thin out. I don't remember the last time I came home with so many scratches on my legs and arms from vines and thorns. The switchback singletrack in the southeast corner of the park is pretty much completely overgrown.

Regardless, still a fun ride. Just remember to bring your machete to cut through the bush!