Do you like to mountain bike?

Do you like to promote safe mountain biking ?

Do you want to give back to your community ?

If your answers are yes, then why not become a Mountain bike Patroler.

Only requirements are ....

First aid certified
CPR certified
A few hours of training
Show up to a few races and help out fellow mountain bikers
You can also patrol during group rides or when you are out on your own.

Some benifits ...
You can race the races you are patroling.
Sometimes you get swag just for being there.
Racers are thankfull for you being there.
You get to help out fellow mountain bikers.

If you want to look over IMBA's Patroler info follow this link.

You will find a short video about Patroling here.

When - April 26 - 11:00am
Where - REI in Bloomington Minnesota

You will need to bring First Aid and CPR documents with you.

Any questions please e-mail me [email protected]