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    noob question

    forgive me if this is in the wrong place...I want to get a fat bike and use it for my year 'round commuter. I live in Burnsville and my commute to Bloomington is about 9 miles. looking to go fat, I'm thinking that I want a tire that's in the 4.5 to 5" range? is there an advantage using a 4" tire for the urban commute on some road/mostly MUP trip? wider with reasonable TP gives more contact and possibly better traction? I'm not trying to set any records, just want to ride and enjoy my bike, get the workout.

    am I thinking correctly or am I missing some crucial point?



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    Fat bike commuter? Not my first choice but it can be done. I had a boss that rode a 29er from Edina to Minneapolis everyday. I'd look for one that can take 29er wheels incase you want something faster in the summer. The real difference with 4" vs 5" is the float in the snow with the bigger the tire the better it will ride in the snow.

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    I hear you on the 29er wheels. thanks for answering the question!

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