Yes I know it's less than 24 hours 'til the Blue Mound Enduro starts.......No Worries Mon!
Anyone want to help throw together a last minute only-as-serious-as-we-want-it-to-be team for this great event? I have been swamped with work and the Battle and shirked my officail No Worries Mon duties of getting this together like I should have weeks ago. I would be up for anything from a two-person to a four-person team.
So speak up now if you are up for it. Or even if you are thinking about it. If you haven't done it before it is a great way to get out and see the trails at Blue Mound and have a lot of fun hanging out with a bunch of fun mountain biking folks.
There will be fun had, burgers grilled, trails ridden, and some beverages consumed. What better way to spend a Saturday
Post up here or dial me up at six08, Seven 72, seven 88 three.