• 06-22-2014
    New Trails at Silver Lake County Park - Kenosha County WI
    Work officially began this weekend on mountain bike trails in Silver Lake Park in Kenosha County. Assuming the weather will eventually cooperate a little for riding, it will help to get area riders out there to ride the new trail in.
    I've updated my map to show the new trail that was being worked on as of yesterday (they also worked out there today, but I didn't make that one). Parking lot #4 is the main trailhead for the new trail, but the trail will be expanding throughout other areas of the park. I show the new trail as Purple on the map. Some of the trail shown was not complete as of yesterday and additional trail may have been started today, so exactly how much rideable trail there will be will change as work continues. However, since you can still ride the existing wider multi-use trails, there is enough there to get a quick ride in if you live in the area.
    Here's a link to the page on my site.
    WI Kenosha Silver Lake County Park Trails - Trailville
    I'll try to keep updating my map as work progresses, but Silver Lake isn't really my "local trail" (it's not all that far, but I have closer trails to ride and work on) so I don't know how frequently I will get out there. So if you see something out there that looks like new singletrack but isn't on the map yet, I think it's pretty safe to assume it's new mountain bike trail and can be ridden (though you may dead-end if it isn't finished).

    Here's a link to KORBA's Facebook page. This is where they have been posting workday information for those that can lend a hand.
  • 06-22-2014
    Nice to see more trails in SE WI. Thanks for posting.
  • 07-06-2014
    Things finally dried up enough for me to get a ride at Silver Lake before the workday started today. I hadn't ridden out there in years, so it was nice to check out the new trail as well as hit the old stuff I remember. There's not a whole lot of singletrack out there right now, but the combination of the wider multi-use trail and the singletrack (new and old), makes for a pretty fun ride. I always liked the feeling you get when you turn off a road or wider trail onto narrow singletrack, so I got quite a bit of that today.

    I updated the map on my site and the trail description for those interested. Also, they could use more volunteers on the work days (the trails don't build themselves), so if you live in the area check their site for updates on work days. There are actually quite a few trail building projects going on in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin, and all of them can use some help.
  • 10-24-2014
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    A lot of progress made at Silver Lake and another big workday this Sunday.

    This has been a big month with nice cool mosquito-free trailbuilding weather at Silver Lake and there is another big workday on Sunday at 8:30 AM (meet at parking lot #4). Details available at

    For those interested in seeing the progress I've updated my map and description of the trail system at
    WI Kenosha Silver Lake County Park Trails - Trailville

    But in a nutshell, the easy-to-intermediate trails are mostly complete and work is well underway on the advanced trail. There's been a good turnout recently, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Weather is expected to be great again.

    Even if you don't do the workdays, come out and ride because the more traffic the faster the trails with get firm and fast.

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  • 11-12-2014
    The new "Barbed Wire" trail is getting pretty good. New Video
    Here's some video taken this week on the new Barbed Wire trail at Silver Lake. There's still a lot of work left to do out there, but the trails are getting fun now.

  • 12-01-2014
    I really need to get out there and check out the trail. Nice vid!
  • 01-20-2015
    Re: New Trails at Silver Lake County Park - Kenosha County WI
    That looks great bud. Are these open in the winter?
  • 01-20-2015
    Too mushy right now, but they are open when frozen. They post conditions on the facebook page and also have a trail hotline now (both are listed on my site). They groom the wide trail for fat bike riding, and have been riding in a hardpacked trail on Snowflake and The Pines. I was out there last week on XC skis and you can see the grooming they did on the wide trail in this video. http://youtu.be/TcJgLHs-37o
    Obviously it isn't like that right now though.

    We're hoping to get an early start this year in building more trail, so if weather permits we may be back out there as early as mid to late March.
  • 04-17-2015
    2015 trail work season has started.
    2015 trail work season has started at Silver Lake
    We got an early start this year (started in March) and have a lot of trail yet to build. So the more people we get, the faster we'll have more trail to ride. The trails are fun now, but I think you'll see this develop into a pretty cool trail system as this season progresses.

    We've been working Sunday mornings. Meet at parking lot #4 at 8:45 AM.
    More info at https://www.facebook.com/KORBAmtb