MINNEAPOLIS,MN (SEPT 27th)- For those of you that have never heard of this event, it is a blast!!! Check out the event info below. It's basically a day filled with biking, free beer and fun!

The Urban Assault Ride™ is the biggest bike scavenger hunt series in the world! You and a teammate will take to the streets on a city-wide bike adventure. Plot your own course to checkpoints around town where you'll take on physical and mental obstacle courses. Be the 1st team to hit all the checkpoints and you'll win a pair of New Belgium Brewing cruiser bikes (and be the first team to the beer tent

The event is well known for its funky obstacle courses which must be completed before moving on. We're talking modified Big Wheels, Bike Jousting, The Keg Walk, Inflatable Slides...and much more. Obstacles change every year and at every UAR. It's a killer event for anybody who can pedal a bike (ages 7 and up). After the fun at the checkpoints there's a ragin' after party with a huge prize raffle and plenty of New Belgium beer.

It's a Pedal-Powered Urban Adventure!

Minneapolis, MN - Sunday September 27th Benefitting MORC and MOCA

We had such a great time at last year that we decided to cap off 2009 our season in MPLS! This means a big party to celebrate the love of bikes, beer, and the UAR. We learned how much you folks love your beer, so we'll bring lots more this year. Better start your planning - it's going to be a biggie this year!

Price : Only $30 - 65/person! (Price depends on division and date of registration. Price jumps on 9/13!) You'll get a American Apparel t-shirt, New Belgium schwag like a drawstring back pack, lots of New Belgium beer, free snacks , Blue Sky Soda, donation to charities, and raffle ticket entries!