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    n00b cold weather clothing tips

    So, I've been mountain biking for like what seems forever and a day... however I've never ridden in the snow or these freaking cold conditions. I'm used to warm/hot weather climate where "unbelievably freezing cold" is 50 degrees.

    What do you peeps usually wear or layer up in to make it through a ride?
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    Here's a link to a page that is a good place to start.



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    I live and ride in MN and ride down to temps of -10. I rode tonight at -5 and I am a big baby when i t comes to being cold. So, here are my tips.

    Start warm. Cold toes and fingers ruin a ride. Warm your feet under hot water and dry thoroughly. Stuff them into thick wool socks when dry and warm. For temps below 20, consider toe warmers on the top of your toes. Leave your shoes looser than in summer. Crammed feet get cold.
    I wear 3 long sleeve layers. Each progressively thicker. 1 thin, cheap base layer. Next is a long sleeve biking shirt (battery for lights are in the rear pocket). Last is a fleece pullover. Zip them all up around your neck if it is really cold. For a jacket, I wear a Gill raincoat, but any thin (but thicker than a windbreaker) jacket will do. I do not wear an insulated jacket. I unzip the pits 2-4 inches to allow some moisture to escape. Zip it up high and tight if it is below 10. Next is pants. Wear them . I love, love, love Performance Triflex tights. Fairly cheap, they last and buy them 1 size bigger for layering. Outer tights must be windproof and thicker then normal Lycra. Under the tights I wear regular bib shorts if it is 20+ or full bib tights for colder temps.
    Invest in a boot warmer and warm up your riding boots (Lakes of course) before you ride.
    For gloves I have good luck with Pearl Izumi lobster claws. If it gets much colder than 10 or so, I put on the Bar Mits - or Moose Mits. These are a guarantee that I can ride well below zero.
    I have 2 types of balaclava. For 10+ degrees I wear a non windproof version, below 10, I use a windproof version. I do not cover my nose and mouth once in the woods for 2 reasons. 1 - I rarely go faster than 10 mph in the ultra cold temps. Wind is not your friend. 2- I do not like getting snot all over the inside of the mask.
    This is individual, so do as you are comfortable.
    Don't stop for frequent regroups. Keep a brisk but mellow pace - overheating is bad - you sweat too much.
    If you drive to the trail - bring a change of clothes. Take all wet clothes off back at the car. Trust me, you'll feel much warmer in 20 minutes if you do.
    Put your battery (for night riding) in your shirt to stay warm. Batteries hate the cold and will wear out dramatically faster in 0 degrees.
    Keep water on a runner's pack around your waist or else it will torment you with frozen spouts. Water only lasts 30+/- minutes in the extreme cold if on the bike frame.

    It can be done. Be safe, but get out there and ride.

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