Milwaukee Area Looking to get a team together-
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    Milwaukee Area Looking to get a team together

    I am pretty new to biking (3 years) and only one of my friends rides. I started doing WEMS races a couple of years ago and then more recently got into doing WORS as well.
    Im looking at doing a series in the WORS next year and doing a few WEMS races. Basically, Im looking to get some like minded individuals together and I figured this was a good place to do it. I am of average ability (wins in citizen class, middle bottom of the field in 12 hour races) so any skill level is encouraged. I am more looking for some people with the interest and the passion to do a series and get a team together. Thanks for your time. Jeff

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    i'm putting a team together here in The Fox Valley. it's a bit of a drive but we could discuss it. shoot me a pm w/your e-mail. we'll be mostly comp and sport class WORS peeps.
    a good place to go would be a local bike shop. ask if they have a team and if so you may qualify for a discount and maybe a jersey and some shorts. real bike shops have to be involved in racing to grow the sport and their business. look for a shop with enthusiasts not people that would just as soon be working at Best Buy as they would the bike shop.
    good luck.
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    Don't take this as a personal attack, but if you've done some of the WORS and WEMS events surely you've noticed there are other people on bikes. Nearly all of those people are sociable folks who would share a beer and converse with you as easily as go for a ride with you.

    It's like a told an army buddy who was having problems getting laid, "you gotta mingle dude"

    You can't stand against a wall, or guard the keg and expect to meet people. And while posting up here looking for a team is better than nothing, it's only slightly a step up.

    Try this. Open a Milwaukee Yellow Pages and look at the bike shops. Then try to remember if you met anyone you had a connection with who either mentioned one of those shops or was wearing a jersey for one of those shops. Then go to one those shops and start dropping names. "I was doing the WEMS race at Stump Farm and this cool guy everyone called 'CupCake' was wearing a Team Extreme jersey. So I thought I'd come check you guys out. Does Randy really have the lightest bike for pushing up hills?"

    If nothing else fails, go to the WORS results and look at the names of people you met and see what team affiliation they may have.

    One last thing to keep in mind.

    Team affiliations are meaningless if you remember one thing. We're all riding bikes, well, everyone but Randy. Single speed, multispeed, full suspension, full rigid, unicycle, it doesn't matter if you're BKB, TE, Mars, Ski Hut, Great Dane Velo, Muddy Cup or whatever. You may not have noticed but there are many teams at WEMS or other endurance events that are "composite teams." When I did 24/9 last year the "team" roster for our 4-some was Bare Knuckle Brigade, Team Extreme, Team Extreme, Unaffiliated triathlete. Two of the guys I hadn't met before, but the one who introduced me and put the group together was/is a rider, as we all are. Before we opened our first beer before the race we had a bond that went beyond the jerseys we wear.
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    Thanks, for that. I was just throwing out some ideas.

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