When - Saturday October 25, 2008
8:00 am ride starts

Where - Twin Cities area trails (listed below)

How Much - free, its just a big group ride

Why - Because we can

Feel free to join or leave at any trail. Bring snacks and drinks.
Lights are also good as last year it was dark when we finished.

Below is aprox. milage and times of each trail.

Battle Creek 7-10 miles/25-50 minutes
Salem Hills 4.3 miles
Lebanon Hills 9.5 miles (not sure if this includes new section)
LUNCH 0.0 miles/30-60 minutes
Murphy Hanrehan 10 miles/45-90 minutes
River Bottoms 11 miles one way/45-90 minutes (last year only rode to 9 mile creek and back)
Theodore Wirth 4.3 miles/20-40 minutes (hopefully before dark but bring lights anyway)

If you have any questions, email me at kabbie1882 at g mail . com