• 02-27-2017
    looking for Bemidji, MN bike trip beta
    Howdy all.
    I live in Flagstaff, Az and am pretty new to the bike touring scene. I ride a bike to commute and get around. I have a surly 1x1 as my mountain bike, and an ogre as my commuter/camper. This area is pretty awesome for the outdoors. I am heading to the Bemidji area sometime in mid-June and looking for some beta on bike camping. I realize it may not be like in the National Forest around here where I can camp at large, but I am looking to spend a few days doing a bike trip. If I need campgrounds, should I start to book them now. I am looking for a trip for a few days, I would prefer more solitude than a busy place. I don't have any idea of the area and never have been there. I am just starting to plan it and thinking bike trip or canoe trip in the boundary waters. Looking for some good beta. I saw the Paul Bunyan trail, but I am not too sure about the amount of people. I have no idea so if anyone has good beta for me, I would be stoked. Thanks
  • 02-27-2017
    If I had the choice between a bike packing trip up there and a canoe trip in the BWCA, I'd choose the canoe trip. There is a reason the BWCA is the most popular wilderness area in US. It's a beautiful spot and unique experience.

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  • 03-01-2017
    That sounds great. I think we are choosing to do the canoe trip. We can ride bikes whenever we want, just can't boat all the time living in N. AZ.