The City of Burnsville has requested that Minnesota Off Road Cyclists (MORC) close and re-route an approximately 350 foot section of the newest singletrack mountain bike trail at Terrace Oaks. This section of trail was built by local volunteers in 2007-2008 to replace an unsustainable section of the original singletrack trail, and was built at no cost to the City.

The City's position is that the routing of this section of trail was not approved, and has designated an alternate, shorter routing. The City has indicated that this trail change is a priority and needs to be completed before other trail maintenance work can proceed. MORC's position is that the trail routing was approved by the City, and that the current trail routing is appropriate and sustainable. There are legitimate trail improvement opportunities at Terrace Oaks and MORC is reluctant to utilize precious volunteer labor to close newly-built trail.

At this time MORC is still reviewing this situation.

The City of Burnsville views Terrace Oaks Park as a local resource for the benefit of Burnsville residents. MORC is looking for feedback from Burnsville residents on this issue. Please pass this news on to your fellows cyclists who live in Burnsville.