IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit - Madison 8/8/8 - 8/10/8-
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    IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit - Madison 8/8/8 - 8/10/8

    IMBA is coming to town 8/8 to 8/10.

    CORP is providing camping free of charge (donations accepted) just a few blocks from Cam-Rock for Friday and Saturday night. The tentative schedule is as follows:

    SAT: 9-12:00 IMBA Trail School

    12:00-1:00 - Lunch provided by CORP

    1:00-4:00 - Hands on Trail Activity with IMBA

    4:00-8:00 - Supper, Social Hour, and Chilliní with the IMBA crew

    8:00 - Cam-Rock Night Ride With a Stop at Heathers

    Sun: 9:30am - Cam-Rock Group Ride

    Please register at the link provided below if you are planning to make as this will help us plan accordingly for food and beverages.

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    More details....

    Rockdale will be hoppin' this weekend!! An ultralight fly in is happening next door the same weekend.. So plan to get "buzzed" by a lot of ultralights as we work on our events at Cam-Rock.
    We can get our own buzz after as well. There will be opportunities for rides in the ultralights if the weather is good, etc. A lot of the pilots are good about taking people who want a ride up.
    We may want to adjust the night ride so that we don't miss the fireworks show. It is always quite a show. I will talk to my neighbor and find out what time they plan to set them off.

    Amenities at the Hutchens Haus' campsite:
    Camping will be open starting on Friday night for those who want to come out and get started early. First dibs on camping spots
    We could get a ride in on Friday if you would like. You would also be in town already for the 9a start on Sat.
    Porta Potties and a lot of trees available. Toilets and showers for emergencies or families with kids.
    Two firepits. One in the yard, and one out back in the woods.
    The firepit in the yard is set up to grill on it.
    Someone could camp in the clearing out by the back firepit if they would like. Can be as loud as you want out back and
    should not bother anyone.
    One gas grill available for anyone to use.
    Volleyball net ready to go.
    Horseshoe pits ready to go.
    Basketball hoop ready to go (set at kid height, and bent from drunks hangin' on it at my Fortyfest party ).
    I am installing a new playset this weekend that should be pretty cool for anyone bringing thier families. If we get a bunch of kids, we could set up the Slip N' Slide Let's see...drunks, Slip-N-Slide....
    Just heard that the Fly-In next door (see previous post) is having a polka band playing part of the day. Free polka! How do you beat that! We must be in Wisconsin Toto....
    Don't forget that Heather's is less than a block away She has a great grill, a great beer selection, and she has been a wonderful sponsor of CORP and our trail building. Awesome stop for those late night munchies
    Any other questions, post them here and I will respond.

    Always more information at:

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    Sign up now!!!

    Just under two weeks until the IMBA Trail Care Crew swings through Madison. I want to take a few minutes to make details clear for those interested in attending.

    First off if you are interested in attending make sure to register at: Registering will give us a good idea of how many people to prepare for.

    What is it?

    Itís a weekend of learning, riding, drinking, and riding some more. The whole weekend is free of charge to all who attend. The weekend kicks officially kicks off with an IMBA presentation from 9am-noon on 8/9. After the presentation weíll break for a lunch provided by CORP. Immediately following lunch we will spend three hours on the trail doing maintenance and construction work with the IMBA crew. This is a great chance to learn from some of the best in the business. Once the work is done it is time for fun and games! Starting at about 4pm on 8/9 we will be grilling out, drinking some tasty beverages served in custom CORP pint glasses, heading out on a night ride and visiting the world famous Heatherís. Donít miss the Saturday night fireworks show.

    Where is it?

    Itís all going down in the beautiful metropolis of Rockdale, Wisconsin. The map here: Should help with finding us. Click on the pushpins for information about each location.

    Where do I stay?

    Glad you asked! The amazing Mayor has offered up his yard and his neighbors field for camping. Campers, tents, or bag in the dirt weíll find a place for you. Camping will be available Friday and Saturday nights. Mayor will have the final say and check this page for updates but Iíd say anytime after 6pm on Friday should be ok for camping. Might be throwing down an impromptu night ride on Friday evening as well.

    What do I need to bring?

    Street clothes and a pair of gloves for Saturday morning would be a good idea. Throw in some riding clothes for the evening. CORP will provide donuts and lunch during the IMBA presentation and free beer on Saturday evening. Supper on Saturday is up in the air but if you bring some meat we should be able to provide the grill space.

    Any Questions?

    Post up in our forums or shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

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