Hunting season and the Kettle?-
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    Hunting season and the Kettle?

    Here in the not-so-great state of Ill, hunting season isn't an issue. I know in the great state of WI, hunting is a big deal in the fall.

    What about the Kettle's JM, Connector and Emma trails, is hunting allowed there?

    Should I buy a day-glow vest for the fall?

    What are the dates for rifle? That's the only season that really worries me, bow and pistol season has much smarter hunters

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    Yes, hunting is allowed. You're more likely to see hunters along the connector trail than the main loops, but I have encountered them on the main loops as well. You start seeing them in September (small game hunters, not too scary). I don't go blaze orange, but I do try to wear something that's fairly bright.
    I stay out of the Kettles during gun-deer season.
    Hunting dates on DNR site.
    Warning: may contain sarcasm and/or crap made up in an attempt to feel important.

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    I am correct when I think the only time to avoid is the white tail deer hunting with guns? Maybe I'll put a bear bell on my bike too.

    White-tailed Deer (non-CWD units and non-metro units)

    •Bow - Sept. 12 - Nov. 19 and Nov. 30 - Jan. 3, 2010
    •Gun - Nov. 21 - Nov. 29
    •Muzzleloader - Nov. 30 - Dec. 9
    •Youth Deer Hunt - Oct. 10 - 11
    •Statewide Antlerless Hunt - Dec. 10 - Dec. 13
    •Antlerless-only season in Herd Control units - October 15-18

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    Nothing like trying to out run an arrow or bullet!!!

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    He be a moose too.
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    I have had a gun, if not pointed at me, pointed in my direction on the Muir trails. I know the general rules of id'ing your target first but it is especially important on the one of the busiest trails in the state. It only happened once, so most hunters are conscious of the riders.

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    Special Hunting Season Group Ride

    November 21st at dawn......every participant receives a special edition helmet.

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