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Thread: HPT hunting?

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    HPT hunting?

    With the wisconsin deer season coming up and me hoping to get at least one more ride on these trails before the snow flies I was wondering if they close the trails at all for hunting or even allow hunting in the area.

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    I don't know if they close or not...it's city land so I don't think that hunting is allowed. I'll bet someone on this website knows though...


    Post a question in the "Trail Discussion" section.

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    I live in southeast wisconsin and I'm not aware of any trails that close specifically for hunting, but I personally stay out of areas that allow hunting once the gun-deer season starts. Even prior to gun-deer season, I make sure I wear something bright orange starting in mid September since some areas I ride (Like the Southern Kettle Moraine State Forest) have a fair amount of hunter activity starting around then. They're primarily hunting squirrel and other small game then, so it's not as crazy as when the gun-deer season starts. Bow hunting has already started, but bow hunters are pretty good about actually aiming at something before they shoot so I don't get too concerned about them.
    Fortunately, we have some county and city parks nearby with trails and they don't allow hunting in these parks, so I can ride there during that week at the end of November. You probably want to stay away from trails in state and national forests (almost certainly allow hunting) and possibly state parks and recreation areas (may allow hunting). County parks and forests may also allow hunting depending on the county.
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    My gut, after being part of WI gun deer season for several years (in high school), is stay off the trails if there's any chance of being in or even near an area that is open to hunting. Your best bet is to stay out of the woods during the week. Remember, in most places its just the Sat. before Turkey day until the Sun. after. You may want to check your areas to see about special permit hunting (I think they're still offering extended hunting because of CWD, but its usually limited to certain areas). Also, muzzleloader/blackpowder season is right after shotgun season, so that's a tricky time too.

    At any rate, if you're going to be out, wear AS MUCH blaze orange as you can.

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    I got dropped off at the Hixton Forest trailhead on Saturday and I did some climbs of the TNT trail while the wife/kids went shopping. I didn't check the rest of the trail (other side of the county road by the RADAR ball). When I got to the top I noticed the mansions had Medary (sp?) fire numbers. From this I guessed that the main trail system is in the county, not the city of La Crosse. I could be wrong, but didn't chance it.

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