Holzinger Lodge, Winona, Mn July 11, 2004

I'd like to invite anyone who is interested for a group ride at Holzinger Lodge Trails in Winona, Mn on Sunday, July 11th.

I've already opened this invite to the folks at the Minnesota Off Road Club so if you are interested steer your browser to:


Times for the ride are most definatley up for discussion. I was thinking we'd do a nice ride up Wildwood climb to the top, ride around the top for as long as we want and then make our way back down via the rock quarry.

There are some great spots to catch your breath and chat so this will be by all means a fun ride with very little emphasis on hauling ass, though if you want to by all means have at it.

Afterwards if anyone is interested I was thinking maybe we could head into town to Bub's (pronounced Boob's) Eatery and Brewery for food and drinks. It is also conveniently located across the street from Adventure Bike & Ski which is home base for the Winona Area Mountain Bikers. Though depending on the time it might be closed by that time of day who knows.

So feel free to jump in on the discussion. I think it would be great to see a bunch of guys down there to ride. I think after some riding some people might even want to change their votes (all in good fun)

If anyone wants to carpool as well I'd be open for that. I'll post directions to get there later.