• 09-14-2018
    Good Luck on the Chequamegon!
    Report back on how you did. As the Fat Man says, conditions should be perfect.
  • 09-17-2018
    Mud like pudding! So many chains were lost. So many hills were walked.
  • 09-17-2018
    Atomic One9
    I rode the Short and Fat and had a blast. It was absolutely pouring in Cable all morning, our start got delayed 30 minutes. The conditions were the wettest I have ever raced in, mud everywhere and water crossings well above knee high. I'm not sure exactly how much of the same route the 40 mile race shares with the 16, but it was treacherous. Bombing down hills into blind water crossings was crazy.

    Last year was my first year so I started in the back and finished 400/950 on a rigid singlespeed. This year I started around the back of mid-pack, 450-500 or so, and finished 143/847. My time was 59 seconds slower than last year but obviously the result was MUCH better. I was on a Stache with 29x3.0 tires, gears, and a fork. The big tires helped a ton, the only hill I had to walk was Big Bertha towards the top. I felt I rode the best race I could have.

    Great race, insane conditions, will be back next year.
  • 09-17-2018
    6 inches of rain and the 40 course was horrendous. we didn't have any knee high water crossings, but we had BB height crossings that were getting hit at 20+ mph, that was the sketchiest part, not knowing if it was 2 inches deep or 16 inches deep. Firetower wasn't a problem as long as communication was good through the group and no one tried to pass or do anything stupid. There were plenty of greasy sports in the woods. i took 52nd overall.
  • 09-21-2018

    Originally Posted by Ryandurepo View Post
    Firetower wasn't a problem

    By the time I got to FT, only one person was riding it. Everyone else was pushing through mud.

    Apparently some 63 year-old guy from Winnipeg got the ultimate DNF. I saw the other guy in Rosie's field.

    Rider in Fat Tire 40 dies of apparent heart attack | Free | apg-wi.com