They are officially open! Press release below...

This past Thursday (02/02/12) the Cuyuna Lakes Fat Bike Winter Trails in the Sagamore Unit were officially opened by the Minnesota DNR. With a winter this weird, we’re actually pleased our trails have snow. We even groomed last week. When you come up and ride these trails you’ll experience a few distinct differences in the new Sagamore Unit in comparison to our red dirt MTB trails here in the Cuyuna Lakes.

#1. These trails are built for fat tire bikes on snow. Featuring hill climbs and descents within the traction capabilities of a fat bike.

#2. With proper snow the groomed trail width will be similar to a double track. Not a single track, and not a fire road either. Currently there is one single track trail through the woods in between Savage and Hillarious. It’s not part of the race course, but dang, it’s fun. There might even be plans for more too, we’ll just have to wait and see.

#3. This course will challenge you. The three hills of Savage, Hillarious, and Discombobulator make legs feel like goo.

#4. The Sagamore pit ice trail crossing will only be part of the Whiteout race, it will not be incorporated in the fat bike trail following the Whiteout event.

Riding on the ice of a mine lake isn’t for everyone. (Remember if you go through the ice, its 200+ to the bottom.) Actually we only recommend the ice where the trail naturally connects on the far west side of the Syracuse trail. We’ve tested that ice for safety, so please stay to that ice. Outside of that, we wouldn’t recommend riding anywhere else on the ice, just too hard to guarantee with spring fed mine lakes and weird winter weather patterns.

As always, there is no such thing as 100% safe ice. Ice seldom freezes uniformly. Riders do ride at their own risk.

#5. Trail conditions currently range from “no snow” in very small new trail construction segments to “buttery corn snow” to “crunchy snow pack.” All in all it’s a great mix of textures that might remind you of spring skiing out west. Crunchy in the morning, buttery corn in the afternoon. (February is the new spring in Minnesota?)

#6. Please remember, the summer MTB trails are closed for riding. They’ll open in the spring. Until then we can all look forward to the upcoming Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival where we will all once again rip the red.

The Cuyuna Lakes Yeti