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    Clothing recommendations for Feb?

    Hi - I am coming to MN for a few days in the middle of February, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for clothing that would let me "survive" a ride while there. I'm coming from CA, and expect to be a bit out of my element - I used to ski and spend a lot of time in the snow, but it's been some years. I have some good sweaters, polypro shirts to layer, and ski gloves, balaclava, etc... but was wondering what you would recommend for footwear and legs? I have tights, but that usually only works for me down to around the mid-30's here, and I'm usually still chilly... (Would a silk layer below the tights work OK?) I don't want to drop a wad for one day's riding, but would like to get out in the snow on a Mukluk while in the area! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Footwear is the biggest challenge. It's near impossible to keep the toes from freezing in regular bike shoes. Wrapping some duck tape across the toe and forefoot area to block the ventilation helps some, but not enough for anything but a short ride. I switch to platform pedals and gore-tex hiking boots with a thick sock for the winters. If you have some nylon hiking pants or similar pants you can layer over your tights, that might be enough for the legs provided the temps aren't too cold.

    Edit: if you plan on using hiking boots and platforms, you need to test the combo first. Some tread patterns don't work with some pedals.
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    FYI, there's almost no snow here in the Minneapolis area and almost all of the trails are closed from high temps. You can watch trail conditions at the MORC site. I'd post a link but I'm new and can't yet.

    As for clothing, I went for a 20 minute ride on my new Mukluk with full under armor cold gear, light cross country ski jacket and pants, with wool socks and normal riding shoes. I was roasting but I love cold weather, so I'm not much help in that department. My feet got really cold after riding through a puddle though, so shoe covers may be useful.

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    Here is a link to current trail conditions:

    Trail Conditions

    I've been out on a few trails recently, and can say if conditions don't change from what they are now, I hope whatever you are riding has studs.

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    I heard that the cyclist down south in the Cities are waring shorts & tank-tops. if it's cold get some of then heet pak thingies that stick to the toes,put them on the top and bottom and get some mittens and put some in there also have some wind pants and jacket something to cover your face, it is a good thing to have this stuff and not need it than need it and not have it you can put it in a back pack, If you are going out for a while and it's 20+ than you might also want to heat your water up before going out but hay! they have stores down there to stop at.

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