Cayuna 50 - October race - what do I need to know?-
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    Cayuna 50 - October race - what do I need to know?

    I know that the trails are a hit and sound like fun. Looks like two laps of the majority of the trails. I'll be on my El Mar Ti and was thinking of running rigid Niner fork as the trails look fairly smooth via YouTube.

    Thoughts on the course in general and specifically running rigid?

    50yr old, Cat 1, usually run Reba on normal/rough XC courses, but losing the 2lbs and gaining efficiency would be nice. But, I also don't plan on winning anything

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    Cuyuna <= how to spell it. Cuyuna is my home trail.

    First, rigid should be fine if you know how to handle it. Though, the trails are not as smooth as YouTube suggests. Its mine tailings so the surface basicly changes every 50' and it can get pretty chunky and rooty in spots. Also, much of the downhills, which people post on YouTube, are smoother than the uphills and flat sections. Its doable on a rigid, but it's also 50 miles.

    Second, don't bring your wieght-weenie race tires. Iron ore makes for sharp edges. If you don't want to drop tons of coin on new tires, join the locals and run Tioga tires (Psycho Genius or Fast 13). Cheap, loads of traction and seem to shrug off rocks. If you don't mind the weight, run tubes and have a spare tube or two with you even if you run tubeless.

    Third, Cuyuna is strange animal. At "having a ball" speeds, its pretty fun without being too trying. Crank the speed up to "its race time" speeds and it gets a nasty bite. I have yet to be part of race at Cuyuna without someone getting a bonked head or arms/legs full of stitches or a broken bone.

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    Thanks for the info. Met a guy this past weekend that also rides up there. He also confirmed that rigid would be fine. Can't wait to spend the weekend up there and the fact that the course is 2 laps should make the second lap that much more fun.

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    The one time that I rode cuyuna it was on a full rigid and it was fine. There are only a couple of technical spots and they're optional, but entirely manageable rigid if the course requires riders to hit them.

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