My boys and I rode a loop and a half out at Carver this morning. On our first pass through we saw a sorta hippy/sorta survivalist shirtless guy wandering the forest like he was looking for something. I didn't really think anything of it until we saw him again by the new trail on the x-loop that leads to the log high beam over at the mini-skills park.

He stopped to say hi (and seemed pretty nice so scratch the scary survivalist reference) and looked at what had to be the most disgusting looking mushroom infestation - and I say mushroom infestation because in addition to being over a foot wide by 8-10 inches long and maybe 4-6 high, it probably would have made a zombie gag... So we asked him what it was and he said "maitaki". Thinking I was going to find a wikipedia article about some new 'shroom or some other mind altering drug alternative, I looked it up (after we got home).

Well, based on it's wikipedia article, sounds like a freaking miracle mushroom. Anti-cancer agents, cancer preventative, works against multiple forms of cancer, plus seared in butter it supposedly tastes like Beef. If it's got protein I may have a new favorite veggie burger...

Anyway, the guy was still there gathering them when we came back through for our second loop. So apparently it's a veritable Maitaki-the-miracle Mushroom farm at Carver.

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