FYI for all you fatbikers, CAMBA in the Hayward/Cable WI area plan to groom over 50 miles this winter. Now we just need some snow!

CAMBA Fat Bike Trails to See Significant Expansion

Groomed Fat Bike Trails 2015-2016 Season
Seeley Pass 24 miles round trip (out & back). Singletrack from OO to the High Point of the Birkie Trail. Level of difficulty: Moderate to Advanced.
Makwa - 10 miles round trip (out & back). Singletrack from OO south. Level of difficulty: Moderate.
Seeley Ski Trails - 10 mile loop. Groomed ski trails starting on Old OO near Seeley. Level of difficulty: Advanced.
New Trail 14 miles. Groomed route on old forest roads from OO connecting to the Seeley Ski Trails. Level of difficulty: Moderate to Advanced (distance).
Beginner Loop 2.5 miles. 4-foot wide groomed loop, relatively flat starting and finishing at OO trailhead. Level of difficulty: Easy.
Esker Trail 3.5 miles. 2-foot wide singletrack. Extended climbing to begin and then rolling. Starting near entrance to Telemark Resort in Cable on Spider Lake Firelane. Return to start on road 1.5 miles. Level of difficulty: Advanced.
Plus hundreds of miles of plowed town roads throughout the region for extended touring options.
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