It's not just the CORP Fest weekend. It's Blue Mound finally drying out and cleared after a crazy summer of wet and storms knocking trees down.

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Saturday morning: Bikepack to Blue Mounds. If you are interested in joining, see the link below to work out the details.

Bikepacking to CORPFest 2017

Anytime you want: hiking, swimming, tower climbing.

1:00: Group ride #1, leaving from the top of the mound.

3:30: Group ride #2, leaving from the top of the mound.

5:00: Bell Joy Ride sponsored women's ride, leaving from the top of the mound.

5:00-sunset: Grilling, beverages, mountain biker games, socializing; at the top of the mound. Maybe more riding?

7:30: the Friends group is hosting a bat program at the Friends shelter by the trailhead.

It should be a great night for camping. Note that the park closes at 11pm, so please be back to your campsite by then. Sites at the bike-in campground, and those at the far west loop are non-reservable (first come first serve), so that is an option. You are on your own for reserving a spot for your RV or in one of the reservable sites.

The Perseid meteor shower peaks Saturday night, and the ISS will pass low on the horizon west to south at 9:12 - 9:16.

Sunday, 8:30ish: breakfast at Hooterville in Blue Mounds