Blue Mound Trail Celebration -- May 9th!!!!-
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    Blue Mound Trail Celebration -- May 9th!!!!

    What = Trail Day Blue Mound State Park

    When = May 9th, 2009 8:00am-Noon

    Why = Pokerville!

    The 411: It's time to lengthen the next loop at Blue Mound. Last year ground was broken on Pokerville. For the uninformed this loop lies on the South side of the mound between the campground and the Military Ridge trail. It's about 0.6 miles right now and is flagged for 4+ miles. How much will we get done this year? That all depends on how many people show up....

    So why should you come. Well, there are a few incentives coming your way for the May 9th extravaganza. First I don't recommend eating a large breakfast before the drive to Blue Mound. I'm whipping up a double batch of Bear's famous cinnamon rolls....18 of them total....I'd love to see one attendee per roll but that's aiming high for attendance. These ain't your Pillsbury out of a can rolls but completely from scratch ooey goooey goodness.....yes, they are that good. Let's make this a big one and finish a large chunk of trail.

    "But I'll be hungry and parched after building all that trail". I'm not failing to meet your needs today....nope not happening. The grill will be blazing and Johnsonville's finest will be beer soaked and ready for the fire as you stroll out of the woods. Not sure what I'll do to quench your thirst but a little carbonation and fermentation are safe bets.....come on.....have I failed in this regard ever before?

    "But Bear what's going to keep us entertained while were downing the sausages"? if me after a few barley pops isn't entertaining enough! The L'alpe Blue Huez time trial is happening the same day as our fine trail builiding effort at Blue Mound and I'm sure the roadies would love some liquid fueled encouragement from our peanut gallery.

    If they aren't still riding I'll be sure the throw in the Bean Bag toss for an impromtu tourney.....maybe I can even arrange a prize or two....

    Throw in the bike and ride if it's dry!!!

    Some call it trail work.......I call it a trail celebration!

    Scott B.
    Capital Off Road Pathfinders

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    if i get the sand washed out of EVERYTHING from the balls ride i'll be there

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    Bummer i wont make it...dumb finals the next week

    but i will be back for good on the 15th

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    Results in

    We had a great turn out for the work day. Over 20 people showed up and worked on the trail. We built about a half mile of new trail in poor conditions. Most people stayed afterward and enjoyed beer, brats, and a chance to meet their fellow riders.

    Thanks to everyone who showed up.


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