Bike Trails Update-
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    Bike Trails Update

    Just spent the last week and a half biking, camping, and fly-fishing all of which were equally fantastic and finished with a 16+ inch 3.5 lb largemouth bass on Kentuck Lake.
    Spent two days at Underdown. What a beautiful and challenging trail this is. I think what I like best is its wildness. By this I mean it feels like one is in the middle of a Wisconsin wilderness a ways from anything else. The trails are in the best shape right now, the signage really works, and there are more new trails(kk just adds to the hardness of the ride, oh, and distance) to pull the riding to a 23 mile distance according to Roger. I camped at Underdown Lake and could only catch some gills on the fly-rod, but still fun. Biked the trail three times. Two wolves howling at night followed by the yipes of coyotes, a roaming marauding raccoon, sounds of the owls, a resident bald eagle all adds to this wilderness dimension. For those who have never been here you are missing out and to those who have not ridden the whole system you are missing out. The sections at the lake; S, SS, T, TT, and V are the best, most rugged, technical, hilly ( big hills ), and are really worth the distance to ride!
    Then on to Boulder Lake and the Roche trail system. It just gets better. More boulder rides and the reconnection of Bucksnort to get us up to the scouts and northern reach all by singletrack. Charlie, I saw the flags marking the last uphill from the tornado area into the old unfazed section and for all you have done I had to clear that section for you. Did not have the tools but I did manage to clear out all the material and make it rideable. Made several passes to show usage and let others on the trail know to get over there and help compact the ground. Whew that bucksnort is one short hard workout and the view from " get high rock "? Amazing what the power of a tornado can do to trees that size! The Roche trail should be on everyone's ride list. All of it to Eichenhoff Rd. and back. When can I help to get Bee Sting reconnected? Can we keep it from having to cross the new timber road? Can we loop it all to prevent out and back syndrome? Wisconsin sure loves lumbering and cutting new roads to do it!
    Last time at Roche it ate up my r. derailleur and spit out the hanger so had to go up to Rhinelander for emergency care and did that at Bike n Boards. What an excellent shop! Al got my parts overnight and I was out riding the same day. Also got a map for the trail past known as The Smokin Spoke but now I believe they call it the Mud Lake trail. Really sweet ride. Kinda short(about 13? miles), but has everything to offer including some tricky tech sections and some pretty decent uphills and one giggly twisty fast section. These folks are working very hard to make this an all singletrack trail and some young riders told me there are plans to lengthen them. I will be making this a stop and ride anytime I am headed up thru the area. Got to try and get some of the Medford people over there. Didn't know where to camp to put my chest waders on and do some fly-fishing, any suggestions? I have to be able to wade into the water!
    From here I went and got my nephew and we headed to the season opener at Lambeau! What a game and we had lots of bear fans in our location, so that made it even more fun. Didn't get back to ER until 3AM, so slept in and then headed to Kentuck Lake guessed it fly-fish some more and it almost equalled Boulder L. for the bass, but better in that I got into crappies, sunfish, and nice sized gills. Brought food home to share with mom and dad. While there I went over and biked Hidden lakes and Nicolet North trails. Man there is some real potential here for rugged deep woods riding, but unfortunately like alot of Wisconsin it is based too much on the cross country ski trails, but still this is worthy riding. It is very wild in that no one else seems to ride here. The trails were virtually unused since riding here two months ago. We should put together a get together in this area. Camping, kayaking/canoeing/tubing and especially fishing are really good if you like to do multiple outdoorsy stuff and Eagle River is a kool touristy town with good watering holes.
    Now back in Medford contemplating a two or three day camp and bike trip to Levis-Trow. Unfortunately I missed the great 6th Gnomefest. Next year on my plans. Anyone interested in joining up for a weekends worth of rides? Trees are close to full fall foilage and soon will be dropping ushering in snow fall. Am also planning some trip(s) to Hayward/Cable for you know what....CAMBA and trying to catch muskies on my fly-rod.
    With the changing season on the horizon now is time to get out and collect those biking memories and dreams to get ya thru the white cold.
    Anyone interested in hooking up , simply respond. Hope to see lots of people out there riding and thinking about new trails in new places to build. Build it and they will come. Wisconsin has much more to offer then manufacturing. It could be a biking destination bigger then those western states...I know cuz that is where I have lived and biked, but am blown away with what is mildly suggested as midwest riding and the potential Wisconsin has as a multi-dimensional activities eco-touring location.
    Off to Ninemile to ride! Hey have FUN!!!

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    you cleared that section! Awesome.

    Thanks Steve,
    we are having a trail day, Sunday Sept 20th 9:00 AM. Meeting at the end of MOAB, beginning of Bucksnort. PM me if more details are needed.

    If the loggers pick up the pace we intend to re-connect the trail beyond b-sting hill (what is beyond was the best section of trail pre-tornado!).

    Trivia. My first ride at Hidden Lakes inspired me to write the USFS asking for permission to build what has become the Roche trail.

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