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    Better Than Nine Mile

    So I am looking for a place thats better than nine mile in Wisconsin. Nine mile is my regular stomping grounds as it is only 15 minutes away but I want to open my eyes to more trials. Is there a place in Wisconsin?

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    Three suggestions

    Three great trails worth driving for:

    Blue mounds - about 20 minutes south of Madison. Really technical trail, some of the toughest stuff that you'll find anywhere. I think there are about 12 miles of trail there (feels like 20 when you're done). There is a race there this weekend if you're into that sort of thing.

    HPT trails in Lacrosse - Actually somewhat similar to 9 mile. It's fast fun swoopy trail with some decent climbs, a lot of fun features all along the way and a few downhills that are faster than you typically find in WI. Not sure how many miles of trail are out there but there is enough to justify a drive.

    Levis Mound near Hatville- Lots of trail, scenic views, tough climbs and it's an IMBA epic trail. Real classic stuff.

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    brassnips has it right. Add Standing Rocks to the list too. Might be more of an equal but a great 13 or 14 mile loop only 30-40 minutes away from you. The terrain is a bit different than nine mile. It is just sout of Amherst off of Hwy 10.

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    Nicolet Roche

    Nicolet roche is about an hour from Wausau. It is definately different than 9 mile. Unfortunately last month's tornado has made riding the loop a bit tricky. currently the best bet it to start at Van alstin or hwy 64 and do an some out and backs. same from campground drive. It is worth exploring, and after the tornado damage is cleared we will have some exciteing reroutes to be sure. 1.5 out of 14 miles of single track was damaged.

    review ( its my review, so maybe not much help, but there is info).

    trail map here

    lots of photos here.

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    A lot of us Wausau locals head up to Underdown for a change of pace. Its only 20 minutes north of Wausau. The singletrack is a lot more challenging than Nine Mile. Much steeper hills. When you get to know the trails (they are all hard to find), you can do about 2 hours of singletrack. All the trail maps out there on the internet are old double track maps. I don't think anyone has made a GPS map of the singletrack yet.
    Check out the WEMS 12 hour race coming up in September. It is a great way to learn the trails. If you don't race, there is usually a large group ride the morning after the race.
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    As G-Live stated, try out Standing Rocks. I just rode it for the 1st time this past weekend. It was what I expected after reading many of the comments about it here.

    It has it's own feel to it. It's basically one giant loop with numbered trail segments starting/ending at intersections with the XC ski trails. Some segments are very tight and twisty, some are more straight and swooping. I found that if you don't particularily like the one section of trail you are riding, ride it out, cause the next segment will change in some type of fashion. I rode all the segments end to end first, then went back and road some of my favorite sections again. It comes down to personal preference, but I like #2-6, 8-10B, then I think it was 12B, and 13. The place is super easy to navigate when riding some segment to segment in succession. The only time I had to pull out the map was when I went back and jumped around riding the segments out of sequence and such. All the trails are one way which is nice. The terrain is like 9-Mile in some segments, but like I said, it has it's own feel. A lot of roots and turns to say the least, and quite a few short climbs - often times in groups of 2-5. If you're close to 9-Mile, you can't be too far away from Standing Rocks. Watch out for the deer in this place though. Either there are tons of them, or I just kept running into (almost literally) the same two fawns section after section.

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