• 09-30-2014
    Best places to live around the Twin Cities for MTBer?
    I'll be moving to the Twin Cities area in the next month or two and am looking for some guidance... What are some of the ideal towns, neighborhoods, 'burbs, etc. to live for a MTBer who wants to be near a good trail system or two?

    Work location will be near Roseville / St.Paul. I have wife and kids that'll be coming along with my bikes, so family friendly/good schools is a plus too.

  • 10-01-2014
    We just moved to Woodbury in February. Its a nice own, really suburban though, kinda sterile. But its a good place for a family to get situated. Located next to the highways for easy access and there is bountiful stores and things for families to do.

    The paved bike path system is pretty pervasive and complete. You can easily bike anywhere in the town and then out to St Paul and the rest of the Twin Cities bike system with ease.

    Elmo lake has some trails though its pretty pedestrian, you can make a family day out of it with the parks, picinic areas, and swimming areas they have.

    Theres all sorts of trails down by the rivers for an after work ride.

    I live near Carver Lake and they have a pretty decent local trail system thats good for a quick spin. Theyre always working on it and making improvements.

    Lebanon Hills isnt too far away and can be ridden too, though it might take a little more time. Its a great system for being "in town".

    Theres a few other little hidden gems, some take a bit of time to bike to, so you might just want to drive, but if you're driving too, there are even more amazing trails in a 2 hour drive. Cayuna Lakes, Spirit Mountain Duluth (okay maybe thats closer to 3 hrs), Levis Trow in Wisconsin.

    Check out MORC for more trails Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists
  • 10-01-2014
    Eagan. Good school system and close to both Lebanon Hills and Murphy Hanrahan. You'll also want to get acquainted with Battle Creek in St. Paul.
  • 10-06-2014
    Thanks for the info. Looking forward to riding Minnesota trails soon!
  • 10-06-2014
    There is a lot of bike paths and mtb trails to be found in the Twin Cities. You can choose to live anywhere in side the 494/694 loop and not be far from any of the trails. Southeast part of the cities seems to have the most trail options though.
  • 10-06-2014
    If you want to live within riding distance to the trails, then I think your choices wil be limited more to the types of neighborhoods around any given trail. That said, I live in South Minneapolis, and am basically within 30 minutes from everywhere.
  • 10-17-2014
    Apple Valley or Eagan....stay outside the metro loop those trails are polluted with hipsters, trains, and roadies.... Lebannon is the best maintained trail system and the others close to it make up some of the best systems in the metro area. Battle Creek is close as well, though that one is a bit of a maze but has the most vertical of any trail system in a metro are in the country... The group rides there are a great way to get familiar, I also suggest checking out the local clubs site for all this info. It is called MORC.
  • 11-28-2014
    Kind of a late reply but I moved to Woodbury little over a year ago and its great for families. Carver lake is close, lebanon is 20 minutes away, gravel relatively close and there is probably 100 miles of bike paths that are great for fat biking in the winter! Plus its only a 20-25 minute drive to St Paul/Roseville.