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    Bairds progress

    Well progress is moving forward with securing some marked, and maintained trails at bairds. a group of about 10 of us got together last nite with the city, and baird creek preservation society to discuss a plan for the future. everything seems very workable.

    As of now we are waiting for city and BCPS to get their aerial maps with all trail plotting finished so that we can do a walk thru with engineer form city to identify spots in trails that need most attention, and get approval to work on designated areas.

    I am waiting to hear back from BCPS to find out if they will let us be a part of their organiztion or if we need to start our own. apparently they already have some $$$$$$ that was given to them form WORBA years ago for trail work to be done!!!!

    -learned a lot of helpful info regarding what can and cannot be done and why the bridges and such have been removed.
    -learned that majority of work needed to be done can be done with the blessing of city engineer, other than major chainsaw work.
    -learned that BCPS has gps marked east side of 43 trails and we are going to work with them to get west side done this fall.
    -learned that alot of what we are wanting to accomplish is what they want as well, such as signing trails, maps of all trails, fixing danger spots.
    -learned that setting up a short term and long term goals is gonna make this a great gain for all involved

    What we need now is:
    -gather a core group of contacts/people willing to be part of this to help with input,ideas,work days.
    -set up a list of things to get done in order of importance,
    -safety being first and foremost including problem Bridges, then maintenance, and signing as well as plotting trails on map.
    -would also like to work with WORBA and IMBA to secure some funding to add for projects as well as some trail building info from IMBA to help in future. so Hansi and Gomez i will be in contact with you real sooon.
    anyone interested in this please shoot me a PM with your name,email,cell number so i can add it to my Baird Creek Bike Club mass email group i have set up.

    Would also like to say THANKS! to everyone that came last nite as i think the city/BCPS can see that we are serious about doing this and that we already have a good following and plan to move forward with this..


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    I thought it went quite well myself. Glad to be on board.

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    Really wish I could've been there instead of physics lecture! As I'm moving soon it's unforutnate that I won't be able to help much in the long term, but it's been great getting together and meeting you all. I would like to stay on the mailing list after I move though, because this will always be a place I'd like to keep an eye on. Had a great ride there yesterday morning.

    Thanks a lot Eric for stepping up and taking charge of this. Really seems like everyone was just kinda waiting for someone to do just that! I am sure the community here will be there to support improving and maintaining this fun local trail system.

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    This is a great success story!

    Great work guys. A perfect example of effort bringing positive results.

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    I thought the meeting was encouraging. I walked away feeling the city is is open minded and welcomes our help due to their shortage of labor and funds to invest in the Bairds area. I didn't realize how much the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation has done and that they agree with some of our ideas.

    And another thanks to Eric for getting this going.
    Now lets ride.

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