Tonight: Introduce MTB to roadies at Capital Brewery.

Thursday: Inaugural MTB ride with Capital Brewery bike club and CORP IMBA chapter. This ride will take you to the new trails that are car-free from the brewery and include a tour of the private trails near by. A 10+ mile MTB ride from the city. Spread the word.

Thur - Sun: Major 4 day machine work sessions with top builder Chad L at Pleasant View. Hand finishing needed.

Roll up sleeves, write checks, dig, help... We're on track for Dane County to have as much new trail in 2 seasons as the 10 years prior. When was the last time you built trail or cut weeds? It's your turn if you can't remember.

CORPfest and Capital Brewery movie party to follow.

Where to go for all the events: Events -

We hope to see you there.