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    12 Hours At Blue Mound

    Hey ya'll, I was going to be in Madison, WI in August and thought I'd race the 12 Hour at Blue Mound to kill some time. I've read other threads that allude to this trail being fairly rocky, rooty and quasi-gnarly. Anybody know what this trail is like in the dead of August? I usually run Schwalbes on my 29er but was thinking about running some Conti Mountain Kings if the trail conditions are less than ideal. Feel free to drop some science on me. Toodles!
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    I, too, will be in Wisconsin in late August. I'll be leaving my beloved Bend, Oregon to visit family. What I'd like are some good photos of the gnarly Blue Mound trails. I have searched here, and elsewhere online, and I cannot seem to see much.

    Does anyone have a photo link to the nastiest, rooty-est, rockiest sections?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i'll try to take some pics next time i ride there, all I have now is video, but it isn't the gnarliest sections. I'm telling you, the black diamond trail, while no killer elevations, it is deserving of it's rating, at least for wisco. very technical, with roots and rocks always getting in your way.

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    Changed route for 2009

    The course at Blue Mound for 2009 has been revised. It won't go through Holy Schist this year, but will instead take the Overlode Trail through Pleasure Valley, then Chert Dip, a section of double track, then the Home Stretch.


    Not nearly as rocky and rooty, but it has 4 climbs of ~100' each, two with very steep pitches. Then there is a fifth climb in Chert Dip of equal size, plus numerous smaller climbs. Figure 1000'-1500' of vertical per lap.

    Although the course is overall less rocky than in previous years, that's only relative. I run 35-40 psi in 2.3" tires (with tubes) and get few flats, but I only weigh 150 lbs. The rocks include a lot of dolomitic schist that makes great arrowheads. It tends to fracture with a razor sharp edge. Tires with thin sidewalls don't hold up well.


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    My take...

    Ok guys here's my take on the course you'll see at the 12 hours of Blue Mound.

    The past three years the race course was an 8 mile loop consisting of about 98% technical singletrack. Very very little doubletrack and no room to sit up an breath. Eyes wide open and be ready for anything the entire time.

    This year the course is changing quite a bit. The course length will grow to 9+ miles. Yes, we are eliminating the most technical section of singletrack but in trade will be adding the awesome Overlode trail. Overlode has some really killer climbs. We also have been able to add a good section of doubletrack to break up the singeltrack and provide feed opportunities. Anybody that thinks they will miss Holy Schist will quickly forget about that notion after Overlode turns their legs to Jello.

    As far as pictures go I don't have a lot:


    Past the Levis pictures there a few of BM: http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.ph...ght=blue+mound

    The biggest thing to realize is that while a single picture of BM doesn't look too bad the secret in the beat down BM provides is that the trail never never never lets up. It isn't sectoins of singletrack mixed with smooth singletrack but rather one continuous stretch of technical singeltrack with no room for a lapse in concentration.


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