Forward from Jonathan J - Central Indiana IMBA Representative

Indiana Mountain Bikers,

Over the last several months, the HMBA has continued to foster it's relationship with the International Mountain Bike Association. Last year, we were given the worst grade of any state in IMBA's annual report card. In this year's annual report card, we will instead receive the award for most improved. That drastic improvement is the direct result of a lot of work by dedicated volunteers and also the direct help of IMBA. IMBA is committed to helping Hoosier mountain bikers. This year alone they helped Indiana improve conditions for mountain biking by hosting a very successful Urban Hot Spot in Indianapolis. They also recently presented the HMBA with a $500 IMBA/Clif Bar Grant for the signage at the new Brown County State Park beginner trail and another REI/IMBA .

The International Mountain Bike Association is having a contest amongst its 70 state representatives. The IMBA Rep. with the most new members as of midnight on 12/31/04 will win a brand new 2005 Shimano XTR complete gruppo with wheelset. At last count I was in second place behind one of the Texas Reps by only 13 members (Please, DO Mess with Texas!).

I am challenging all Indiana mountain bikers to sign up for an IMBA membership before the end of the year. If I win the contest, I will sell the entire Shimano XTR prize kit on Ebay and donate all of the proceeds to the HMBA. I am estimating that the XTR Group and Wheelset will at least sell for $1500.

That kind of money could go a long way considering the HMBA's list of current projects. I'm pretty sure we can win. If we get 15-20 new members we will have a great shot at winning.

Also, they will continue to give each new member that signs up a FREE IMBA T-shirt and a Blackburn frame pump. Hint, IMBA memberships also make great holiday gifts.

You can sign up and read all the details by clicking here:

Yes, I want to become a new IMBA member IMBA Signup and enter the code: <b> juillerat </b>

On behalf of IMBA, I want to thank all Indiana mountain bikers for your support!

Jonathan Juillerat
Central Indiana IMBA Rep