• 07-08-2012
    Harbor Springs, End of July
    Going to be in Harbor Springs with the Family at the end of July, July 28-Aug 3. Never been to Michigan before but been doing research and I think I am going to hit the NCT from Kipp to Van and then Boyne. I am looking for XC singletrack and these both seem to fit the description.

    What is the difference between Boyne Highland and Boyne Mountain or are they the same? I am looking for XC singletrack, not downhill runs, which one is right for me?

    I am on a 29" HT, 1x10, since I will be also using the same bike to do a bunch of road rides with the family, I will have a 36T chain ring up front. How steep and long are the climbs on the NCT and/or Boyne, should I throw in a 32T chainring for when I ride the trails?

    Local Breweries/Brewpubs, any within biking distance from Harbor Springs?
  • 07-09-2012
    I haven't been to either but I hear Highlands has more park stuff. Boyne mountain is going to have more of the XC stuff you're looking for. Take pics for me!
  • 07-10-2012
    That's not entirely true, the highlands has more AM stuff than the mtn but it also has just as much XC stuff with actually more options than the mountain. I live in Petoskey right across the bay from Harbor. Your 36t 1x10 will be fine, when I was riding geared I ran 38t 1x9. As far as bars and what not, Harbor doesn't have really and good night life, the bowling alley is like 5 miles outside of harbor towards Petoskey and there is bike path to it that also continues to Petoskey. I can help you out in that area.
    I will pm you my # and I will hook up with ya and go ride with you so you don't spend your time getting lost, Close to Harbor the NCT and Boyne Highlands are your best bet for good riding
  • 07-10-2012
    Thanks for the replys, so Highland and Mountain are definetly two different places. I am definetly not an AM rider, the only air I like between me and the ground is in a tire.

    Definetly interested in hooking up for a ride, I will most likely be riding early in the morning to try and get in a few miles before the family gets up and moving. Don't know your work schedule, but if you can do some morning weekday rides, I would enjoy riding with the locals so send me a PM.