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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Expand to cover other regional trails?

    I love the concept of the regional trail boards, but think the implementation can be improved.

    I was looking for a Mid West trail or Central US trail area, I'm regulated to OTHER! Blech! The rides I've done in the past year were in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and almost made it to Illinois too, but the only ones that don't fit into OTHER are Michigan.

    There may be enough trails in Colorado and California to break down the states into regions, but in the mid-west we can use a more regional approach.


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    to take it one step further, the midwest is a very large region. Afterall S. Indiana is a loooooong way from the UP. I'd suggest several groupings to include proximal locations such as upper midwest (Wisc, UP) , lower midwest (S. Ohio, West Va, S.. Ind, S. Ill, S. PA) , and Great Lakes Basin (N. OH, S. MI, N. ILL, N. Ind., N. PA, S. NY). This way, the rides would all be within day trip status for anyone wanting to attend. Just a thought but it makes sense to me (then again, that's not saying much)
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