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    Substitute for DUC32

    So I have finally dived into my piggy bank and treated myself in advance for the next few birthdays to a ML8. I'm going to build it myself but wanted to get a DUC32 fork but they're no where to be found for a while. Any recommends on the next best fork for a ML8 until I get my hands on a DUC32?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, if anyone else has built a ML8 on their own, did you encounter any issues or have any advise?



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    Quote Originally Posted by rideronthestorm
    Also, if anyone else has built a ML8 on their own, did you encounter any issues or have any advise?


    You probably don't want to follow my suggestion for a fork (I put a Totem on mine, pics following in a day or so), but I can give some input to the second part of your question. I just got mine put together and honestly it was one of the easiest to build frames I've assembled. The front derailleur/D-mount setup with the suggested R773 front derailleur (by far the best choice for the frame) is definitely out of the ordinary but isn't really any harder to set up than any other front derailleur. I used a small piece of Nokon housing liner under the MonoLink cable guide and it shifts smooth as butter. Overall, the frame's a seriously nice piece of hardware. Get one and enjoy it.
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    You can cut the outer sheath of a 4" section of Shimano 4mm SIS housing and get the inner liner to use on the MonoLink cable guide; works slick as tihs!
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