I recently snagged one of the Matic frames with the "free" SC32 fork from Beyond Bikes simply because it was way too good a deal to pass up. I normally ride an Ellsworth Epiphany my # 1 riding buddy rides a ML 7/5 with the DUC fork.

For those interested here is my low tech back to back 3 way comparison:

The ML 7/5 is a freight train going down with a great front end which feels quite different than the Matic. The Matic with a 90MM stem and 1" rise bar feels much more like a cross country setup, i.e. fast on smooth single track but needs much more attention on technical stuff. My Epiphany with a 110MM stem and a Pike 454 fork feels almost exactly like the ML 7/5 with two exceptions. It has better small bump absorbsion on the rear, worse in the front and desends really well but not up to the mindless bombing capabilities of the ML 7/5 with the DUC. My buddy and I ask ourselves why?? The answere we believe is wheel base (which affects head angle etc.) and stem length. The Epiphany and ML 7/5 are almost identical in wheel base, the Matic is almost a 1 1/2" shorter because the SC32 fork is not offset, or apparently nearly as rigid as the DUC or Pike 454.

Bottom line all 3 are really great bikes... For the ultimate my personal taste would be the Epiphany with the super compliant/effecient rear end and the excellent DUC32 fork, that would be an awesome setup. However both Mavericks are very very good bicycles. The Matic for someone who is a more skilled rider than me it is probably the faster ride with the exception of extreme downhill and very technical sections. The ML 7/5 w/DUC & the Epiphhany w/Pike 454 are point and shoot keep moving and go anywhere/climb anything mounts, I could live happily ever after with either these two. Just looking for a DUC32 at the right price for my Epiphany and I may be ready to settle down into a very long term relationship!