• 04-25-2015
    DUC32 Adjustable Stem pics
    Hi there, I bought an ML8 a few months ago. I'd like to put a wide handlebar on, but its got a 25.4 clamp stem on currently; so I'm considering machining up a stem for either 31.8 or 35 mm handlebars.

    I'd like to make it adjustable, something like 50,60,70 mm reach, and I'd like to get some pictures of how the adjustable mav stems work if anyone has one lying around?

    Also, there's a lot of slop in the top pivot. Are there different sizes of the metal bush that has the o-rings in it, its ID seems too large?

    Lastly, the bike is missing the shock boot, I presume these are proprietary, does have anyone have a reasonably priced supplier for these?
  • 04-27-2015
    hey jayray,

    Maverick made adjustable stems for 31.8mm clamp handlebars and they are still available. There is one currently on eBay.

    You should also contact Ethan Franklin ([email protected]) for any and all parts to keep your ML8 running. He can tell you how to fix the slop in the top pivot and may also have the stem and shock boot you are looking for.
  • 04-28-2015
    I have seen those, but for the price I'd rather make one myself.

    What I'm looking for specifically is to see if the moveable insert is connected to the rest of the stem by just the one bolt through the side of the stem. Is the insert a precise fit in the slot of the stem body, or slightly loose?

    I'll definitely be getting in touch with Ethan once I need to buy some other parts