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    A couple of questions

    New to Maverick and loving the ride so want to complete the full service schedule as per the book.
    Has anyone tried different weight oil in their Maverick' rear shock, if so what do you recommend?
    I'm having trouble removing the front "bolt" holding in the Mono Link so that I can grease/replace the bearings. The rear one just pushed out so I am reluctant to use brute force.
    The original owner tells me that it hasn't been touched from new [2005] so any advice would be welcomed.

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    How much do you weigh with riding gear on? What type of rider are you?

    10 seems to be the best for almost everyone.

    Tap that axle out with a hammer. SOP
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    Better suited to non-aggressive 125# gals named Russell.
    I ride so slow, your Garmin will shut off.

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    I have found the "front" bolt of the monolink can be a little stubborn. I would suggest you use a small nail punch that will fit inside the hollow end of the bolt and lightly try to tap it out. If that doesn't work, lay your bike down drive-side down (careful!) and add a little penetrating oil between the bolt and the inner part of the brass bushing. Let that seap in and try again. If you don't have a nail punch, you can use a small socket wrench head as a punch, but make sure you don't push out the brass busing.

    If the bolt is not damaged make sure to add a bit of grease to the axle portion that sits inside the Monolink (not the threads!) prior to re-installation.

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    BANKS I'm about 200 pounds with a full Camelback.
    Using the Maverick for dusty half day and full day rides where the ground
    is rocky with long technical climbs and descents best describes my riding.
    Good news about the oil as I have a full can of 10 wt Fox fork oil.

    g_henrys Thanks for the advice, a rubber mallet didn't shift it, neither did a steel
    hammer with a piece of wood between. The rearward bolt came out by hand
    but was a little coroded so I guess there's a clue for me there. I'm riding it
    again in the morning but when I return I'll try your tip of laying it down and
    using penetrating oil before tapping it out.

    Thanks to both of you I'll let you know how i get on.

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    congrats on the bike and while yer at it get in and service the monolink too. If your top pivot bolt is corroded in there chances are the link is in need of service too.

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    Thanks for your advice everyone, after an overnight soak in oil the front bolt came out first whack and cleaned up OK with some wire wool. After servicing the shock, bearings and increasing the oil to 15mm I can reduce the air pressure by 15lbs with no bottoming out.
    Basically, it's changed a good bike into a great bike. Thanks again.

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