It could be another solution for the DUC32 seal problems-
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    It could be another solution for the DUC32 seal problems

    Hi, after some time using the DUC 32 on my bike i realized that it is a very good fork and the more i use it the more i love. The other side was that thanks to some oil leaks my front brake had become unussefull so i decided to change the seals of my maverick.
    After reading some posts about it i noticed that the enduro seals are not the best solution as the wear is excessive.
    I decided to make a try with the new (almost for me) FOX low friction seals made by SKF and all i can say is that it works for now. My biggest doubt was that the seal had different outer dimensions but yesterday afternoon i tried to install them and they are direct fit.

    On the left side of the next pic you have the stock seal and on the right the fox one.

    To remove the old seals i used a screwdriver in the way you see in the next pic.

    And the final pic with the seal fitted. The white thing is some soft glue i used as sealant. I think that it is not necessary but......

    I went for a short ride braking hard and jumping and for now it works fine and low friction thing seems very attractive to me, i havenīt noticed anything different from the old ones except for the absence of leaks. I will write some better conclussions after some time riding with them.

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    RS and Fox seals are interchangable, and the Enduro SC/DUC32 seals are the same as in a Tora/SID 32 AFAIK.
    EDIT: They are:

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    I didnīt know it ....i thought it could be usefull for somebody with leak problems.

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    Enduro seals in a Maverick is a waste of money, fork feel and time. The Manitou 32mm evil genius seals work wonderful.

    Scot @ Absolute Bikes and Ethan have the newest Maverick seals in stock.
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    I notice a little wear on your plastic seal head from the stanchion guard. Mine wore a little more and then cracked. I was leaking oil. I replaced it with the new alloy seal heads.

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    cracked head seal for me too, with pics!

    Had a cracked head seal until Ethan hooked me up with aluminum versions.... Feels like new!

    It could be another solution for the DUC32 seal problems-headsealbefore_redux.jpg It could be another solution for the DUC32 seal problems-headsealafter_redux.jpg

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