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    2008 Durance Specs Up: Build Kit Changes?

    The website now seems to have the 2008 Durance specs (and build kit info up). A few things I noticed:

    1. None of the build kits list the Mav 24/7 front hub (the E70 and SL70 list DT440 and DT240 thru-axles). I think the DT's are 20mm thru-axles though. Does that mean the fork has been redesigned to accept a 20 mm axel (didn't the "24" indicate a 24 mm axel at the clamp)?

    2. The SL70 kit rims are now DT 4.2D, which I don't believe are UST (I think the SL70 rims used to be Mavic 819 UST). The 4.2D's also are listed on the DT website as having a rider weight limit of 90 kgs (198 lbs).

    3. Speedball R is now standard on all kits except M30 (the least expensive kit).

    I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of my '08 Durance/SL70 kit, and am a little disappointed in the choice of SL70 rims. First, I'm going tubeless with this bike for the first time and was looking forward to the (perceived?) ease of use of the Mavic UST system over other systems. I know DT makes a tubeless conversion kit, but it seems like an extra layer of complexity. Secondly, the Mavic 819, at least from the specs, seem to be a burlier rim. I'm a little over 90kg unloaded, and well over 90kg all geared up for a day on the trail. I'm somewhat concerned about the durability of the DT rims.

    Anybody know about the DT 4.2D rims? How well do they work in tubeless mode? How strong are they, really?


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    Hey Darrin- Here are some answers to your questions. One of the most difficult aspects of our small bike company has been the specing of equipment. And especially for us the wheels.
    All of the kits that the customer ordered with a Maverick fork will have the 24/7 front hub. We have NOT changed the fork! At the time of ordering our kits we had great difficulty getting Mavic rims. We choose the DT rims as they do make a very good product and can be converted to tubeless. I have used this system for quite a while and has worked well, so I do recommend it. I must admit that I was unaware that the DT 4.2 rims had a rider weight limit. The 819 rims do weigh about 100 grams more than the DT, but do have tried and true durability. A good shop would be able to swap these over at a reasonable cost if you felt it was necessary. We would love to have a kit the consumer could put together themselves. But when we take over the western bike world we'll have that!! I will also say I have had tremendous success with Stans rims as well. The FLOW rims at 450grams are tough to beat, just a bit pricey. We are focused on the frame and you will not be dissapointed.

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    There is a pro/con to the DT rims over Mavic; they are 'softer' and tend to dent/flat spot easier then the Mavic rims which will cause you to pinch flat/crack the rim.
    The DT setup for tubeless is great, though a bit spendy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethan F
    I will also say I have had tremendous success with Stans rims as well. The FLOW rims at 450grams are tough to beat, just a bit pricey.
    I just finished to buil a new pair of wheel based on Hope Pro II (20mm / 12mm and 24mm) Sapim CX Ray and the Stans Flow as Rims. Stans really produce very good products. I think better than DT (I have two others pairs of DT 5.1, full of dents after only one season). I have many friends "semi-pro" in Wheel building and they highly recommended Stan.
    My pair of Olympic now have Two years, used in mountain, south rocks, for XC and marathon races and never let me fall. Really, when you want to use UST with lightweight, Stans is a very good choice. They fit very well Kenda and WTB tires.

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