XC races in MA

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  • 04-22-2006
    XC races in MA
    Hey all,
    Was jsut referred to this part of the forum and have a question. I hope to start racing later on possibly in college (IM a junior now) and just dont have the itme at the moment to race or train for racing. All the races I hear about are the big NORBA races and 24 hour races. Are there smaller less publicised XC races in MA or Southern NH (I live in Middlesex County). The closest NORBA race is once a year in VT which is a 5+ hour drive... same with a few of the 24 hour races. Any info would be AWESOME!

  • 04-23-2006
    Try These...
    Yep, there are a few races which I hope to do this season. Two well respected race series are Root 66 and EFTA...... http://www.efta.com/schedules/races.php and http://root66raceseries.com The one I really want to do is not technically hard but is close to my house...... http://www.northshoreclassic.com/photos/
    ------------Hope that helps.:)