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    Wompatuck Newbie

    I'll be coming from out of state to visit relatives near Wompatuck this week. Looking for guidance on two routes:

    1) Short easy ride on which to bring my 8-year-old. He's not new to trail riding but ... he's 8. Small wheels, small legs.

    2) Longer route for me - experienced xc rider who likes the slow and technical as well as the fast and smooth, but no mandatory big drops or stunts.

    I've done some searching and found links to a couple of maps - which I've captured - but not much in the way of "follow the the white blazes for the challenging stuff and the red blazes for the easy stuff" sort of thing. (Yes, I know it's typically not that simple.) Any tips welcome.

    Also, does anyone know if the park will be open Thanksgiving Day?


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    Closed on Thanksgiving.

    Great place for riding but it's a little tough to suggest loops since the trails are not blazed with markers except for intersections. There are markings from years past that suggest loops - i.e. white triangles with a bike on them, orange marks on trees, and orange mtb arrows on pavement sections. But they are inconsistent.
    Most recently, my bike club held a fun ride there marked by pink ribbons tied to branches. As of yesterday, most of the ribbons are still there. The loop starts from the parking lot next to the visitor center.

    Generally, the left side of the park is considered easier than the right (left side meaning to the left side of Union St. as you pull into the park).

    Here's a link to the race course loop which is a good start:
    It's not marked, but the intersection markers help for orientation. Pick up the loop close to the parking area.

    I live 15 minutes away and I would've gladly shown you around but I'll be out of town visiting the parents.

    My advice would be just to explore and have the map handy. There are plenty of bail-out points to get back to the parking lot by pavement if necessary.
    Good Luck!

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    The park is never closed

    The admin building where you can get free maps may be locked, but feel free to ride.
    The map available on the NEMBA.org site is the same as the free map and the one modified for the landmine race above. You'll just have to explore. Every intersection in the park is identified on your map. An 8 year old may find the steady dose of rocks and roots frustrating. The area at the start of the race is smooth. Plus there are paved bike paths and roads to bail out on if patience fades.
    As an adult rider, go counter-clockwise, try Prospect Hill for the most vertical. I am also partial to the Nature Study ("NS" on the map and markings) and the "R" sections. A loop from the admin parking lot, through the playgrounds (NW10), to Prospect (S5 to S18), cut across to Aaron resevoir (E17 to the R's), then ride the outside perimiter of NS, cut back left to to the N trails to triphammer pond and then back out to the admin parkinglot will take 2 to 2.5 hours depending on map stops. You can also get water near E-1. I would also bet that the local friendlies would let you tag along at almost any time that you arrive.
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    This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks.

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