I did a ~20 mile loop in Wilbraham and Hampden yesterday, much of it on road, but maybe 6-8* miles on dirt - on-the-map conservation areas, power lines, old overgrown dirt carriage roads, and some pretty well known gray-area singletrack zones (which shall remain nameless here), and...

...I also found a surprising amount of new singletrack, which was clearly built for MTB riding, just lying there on the ground in places where I didn't expect to find it at all. A lot of it looked pretty fresh. Somebody's out there doing good work.

I've dug a little bit out in the area myself, and I have also seen new lines popping up in that well-known gray area zone for the past year or so now.

If you're one of those builders, and you're reading this, shoot me a PM. Maybe we can team up. I have some ideas for a couple new trails, but I'd be happy just to lend a hand on whatever projects you've got going at the moment. Also, perhaps we can exchange some intel. I know of at least 4 legal riding spots with singletrack in Wibraham/Hampden that I can fill you in on, but I'm sure there are more.

*Singletrack mileage could easily have gone up to 12+ if you loop around in those off-road spots. I bee-lined it out as I was in a hurry.