• 01-09-2012
    Western Greenway area trails (Waltham/Belmont)
    I read about the Western Greenway trail area that goes around Waltham and Belmont. Are the trails there all open to MTBs? Because I can't find anything online that says which trails are and aren't open to MTBs, but I heard a lot about people riding there, so I am wondering what the situation is. And is the singletrack worth it?
  • 01-10-2012
    Yes , some open to mtbers. I've only ridden some of it. Have not explored all of it. I have better stuff closer to me. Do you have maps? Lexington conservation has some. I know GB NEMBA has some ongoing projects, as well as some past major boardwak work. I used some of it for a 3.5 hour off road trail ride home from brighton to wilmington. The nemba forum may have some more knowledge.