• 02-29-2008
    Bravo Shot
    Trails west or south of Lexington

    I work in Lexington, but live in RI. Are there any good trail systems west or south of Lexington? I normally ride Arcadia, Big River or Foxwoods. Thanks.
  • 02-29-2008
    middlesex fells in medford is closed until april 15. borderland may be on your route home. freetown(never been there) is off of rt 24.
  • 03-02-2008
    Bravo Shot
    Anything in the Bedford, Acton, Carlise area?
  • 03-02-2008
    Great Brook fram in Carlie
    Calahan In Marlboro/Frammingham
    Mt Pisgah in Northboro/Berlin
    Hale Resevation in Westwood
    Blue Hills in Milton
    Foxborough SF

    I guess it also depends on the route you take home
  • 03-02-2008
    Bravo Shot
    Foxboro is definitely on the way home and is a good area. I am look ing for something new, and looking at your post, Great Brook looks very cool. Just what I was looking for. Don't usually go that way, but a little extra time for an interesting trail set is well worth the effort. Thank you very much.
  • 03-08-2008
    North Lexington Riding
    Believe it or not, there is a MTBR riding area in North Lexington. If you have traveled near the intersection of 95 and Route 3 the trails are there. A buddy of mine, lives near there and I travel down from NH to ride. Typically, we get the snow in NH, and that area gets smaller amounts. Any way.....if traveling down from NH on Route 3 (Going South) and you are going to merge into 95, look on the right and you will see some powerlines. There lies the trails.
    and yes, single track. You can ride trails from that area, all down to the previous exit. I would say, you could ride (believe it or not), 1 hour and 1/2, possibly 2. Check it out. One of trails goes on top of the rocks that run against the highway. Always, there are some log riding in there, that riders setup. To get to it, once you get on Route 95, take the next exit.
    Then take a right of the exit. Once of the exit, take a right at the next street. This is a housing area, go to the end of that street (sorry don't know the name), then take a right, then the next left. Follow until you cross the powerlines. At the powerlines, park you car and RIDE! Good luck. Good place for us NH riders during snow. I am riding Sunday, and can post how it was....May be a little wet, but it typically can be ridable. Good Luck.
  • 03-09-2008
    Great Brook is a lot of fun, I think they charge to park in the parking lots but others here may know a way around it.
  • 03-19-2008

    Posting explicit directions to this area = lame.

    Riding any trails during mud season = 2x lame.

    Stay in NH and f**ck up your own trails.

  • 03-20-2008
    Bravo Shot
    I understand your point about tearing up wet trails, but directions? Why would you even be on a message board if you don't want to share info? I guess you are about taking and not giving. Its not like the MTBR board is filled with a bunch hack riders. Pretty sure that people here are into their sport.
  • 03-21-2008
    There's no problem sharing info to low key stashes with fellow riders-but it's much better done as a Private Message and not as Billboard posting.

    And I also agree that any area you might ride right now that involves the phrase 'it's a little wet' SHOULD NOT BE RIDDEN!!! Guys-we have great, really, great access here in Massachusetts-we're all itching to ride-but this has been the wettest winter on record, snow melt is just really getting started and we're almost a month away from the trees starting to blossom (that's when the ground water is mostly taken up)--I know the Cape with it's sand based soils and low snow might be doable-but not most of MA-PATIENCE, gentlemen, please. Don't wreck a good thing-maybe find out who's gearing up for trail work if you really have a hankering to be in the woods soon with other bikers-

    I know-I'm the old trail advocate killjoy curmudgeon- but, someone got to say it-except for a few rarified areas (and even those are suspect) no where is ready to ride yet.

    There's some great spring skiing to be had this weekend-warm up your big leg muscles with and afternoon or two of bump skiing instead.

  • 03-22-2008
    Bravo, those trails talked about in the post above is referred to as the PR (Private Reserve) and it's stuck between Burlington, Bedford, Lexington - sometimes referred to as LLQ (Land Locked Quadrant) because it's Burlington owned land, but theres no Burlington road access. From what I understand, it's open to the public, so they aren't really "super duper secret underground" trails or anything. They actually have races on the trails, so I can't imagine that it's that private... Do a search for Private Reserve over on the NEMBA forums.

    Since I live nearby and actually walk my dog here everyday, I've had a chance to see how the trails handle the weather. They are awesome trails that handle snow and rain really well. Lots of leaves and the type of soil out there provide good drainage and the only wet spots are super low spots and the places where the occasional stream pops up, ha. As with any trails, a little common sense goes a long way - waiting 24 hours after any big rain is a good idea.

    I actually work across the street from this place, so shoot me a mail or something if you want to do a loop.

    In addition to the PR, there are a bunch of other trails that can linked up from this area. The BCT (Bay Circuit Trail) will take you out towards the Concord area and so on. Just takes a little exploration.