trail access near log cabin?-
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    trail access near log cabin?

    I go hiking up Mt. Tom I think it is? Well what I do is park my car at the bottom of log cabin (where some little coffee shack is) and cross the street from the parking lot and hike a mountain that has a bunch of radio towers at the top of it (Can someone please tell what mountain that is?)
    My next question is can I ride my bike up to those same radio towers? I think I saw two people up there once with their bikes and was wondering where I had to enter from and what trails to ride to get up there. I love hiking it and would LOVE to be able to take my bike there.

    I got the day off from work tom and am hoping to be able to ride up that mountain tom.

    any help is appreciated..

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    anyone know what im talking about?

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    That is mt tom. Mountain bikes are officially 'not allowed'. That being said, you probably did see riders there, probably riding up from the city of easthamptons hendricks st park, where riding is encouraged.
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    there are also some trail heads you can pick up slightly further down the mountain towards holyoke. Visit Old Easthampton Road To pick up the metacomet and manadnock (M&M) trail. You can also find some trail off-shoots on the Whiting Street Reservoir.

    You can ride a bike up to those "radio towers" but from the parking location you described you will probably be hiking with the bike over your shoulder most of the way.

    The best way to get familiar is to explore. To start, get familiar with Mountian Park Road and the Whiting Street Reservoir. WIth a little bit of exploring you should be able to find some good rides.

    Some parts of Mt. Tom have trail markers that show a bicycle crossed out which shows that bikes are not allowed on that trail. In my experience I've never had a problem breaking that rule. However, I have tried to be EXTRA courteous to hikers and dog walkers on the trails.

    There are lots of people who visit Mt. Tom and the reservoirs every day for recreation and are very protective of them. Come correct and respectful or don't come at all.

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