Trade/Barter for a 29er?

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  • 05-06-2008
    Trade/Barter for a 29er?
    I'm looking to get a steel 29er frame and/or fame with various components or bike - about an 18" (I'm 5'11"). Karate Monkey, Juice, Monocog, etc.. I have a Cannondale cyclocross frameset, yellow, 56cm. Raced for 3 'cross seasons. I also have some odd 'cross parts and a 32x tubular wheelset (shimano) w/ Vottoria 'cross tires. Some other small cyclocross bits too. Anyone interested in a trade or barter of any type. I'm in Northampton.

  • 05-06-2008
    whats your wife/girlfriend look like:D
    extra points if shes mute
  • 05-09-2008
    Evil Chocula
    Hey- there's a used Voodoo Dambala and a used Karate Monkey on Boston craigslist pretty cheap. I'm on the market too, but I'm waiting till the fall when Jenson blows out all there sh!t.